Priscilla Kamar


Priscilla Kamar is a self taught Artist born in Panama and raised in the United States. She returned to her birth place to set down her roots and start a family in 2008. She is a wife, a mother, and a woman driven with a passion to create.  She constantly pushes her boundaries and learns everything she can in order to create with her hands the visions she creates in her mind.

She started playing with painting in different mediums, which she loved, but it wasn’t enough. She craved for more. Her ideas were always in the 3 dimensional form. So she taught herself to sculpt using different materials.  Plexiglass had always caught her eye. Being that it’s a hard and delicate material to work with she wanted to conquer it until she got it right. She immediately fell in love with all of the different ways she could manipulate plexiglass. That led her to building, and combining different mediums to create 3 dimensional art.  

She thrives to inspire the viewer not just to look but to actually see each artwork.  To investigate it. To see it through her eyes. The depth in her pieces make people crave to figure out how it all came together in order to make each piece come to life. Hanging crystal rods in such a precise way in order to make her intricate designs adds a never ending floating movement to her art that invites people in.  The way the colors she uses play off of each other and how the light catches at so many different angles makes her work mesmerizing to look at in person.

Priscilla doesn’t see boundaries, or limits or rules in regards to her artwork. She is constantly evolving in every piece she makes in order to draw the viewer into feeling the movement and emotion in each and every one of her pieces. She thrives to create the unexpected. With all of her upcoming ideas, she feels she has only just touched the tip of the iceberg.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.