M with  love


“M with Love” is a European brand based in Madrid specialized in handmade Jewel-Shawls, fusing Art and design in a completely exclusive way, with Mediterranean inspirations such as silk fringes, used in the incredible Manila shawls.


Since the late 1800's, the director’s great-grandfather Diego, taught her the passion for antiques and creativity that has been part of her family through generations, making art part of her daily life; sculptors, painters, designers and one of the most renowned Antique iron museums in the world is part of her history (Museum of Antique Iron in Oropesa del Mar, Mediterranean Coast, Spain).


At "M with Love" they design and produce everything by hand, using the best materials brought from all parts of the world, to create a limited series of 25 pieces in which you won't be able to find two Jewel-Shawls alike.

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