Emma Ivane


Emma Ivane is a contemporary artist from Helsinki, Finland. Her mixed media abstracts can be identified by her use of metallic colours and interplay of light, engaging the audience and transporting the viewer to the scene.


Ivane’s work is popular among contemporary art collectors and interior designers from Helsinki to New York. Ivane’s work has been featured in several magazines, news papers and TV channels. Prints of Ivane’s paintings were also seen at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.


Ivane’s interior design related style comes from her 26 years experience of studying art with her architect grandfather as a teacher. Ivane’s passion is to create art that is peaceful, beautiful and almost meditative to look at. The kind of art that collectors love to have in their homes.


Ivane was nominated as one of the 12 best cake artists in the world in 2019 in London. Ivane’s internationally known edible art has been exhibited in a museum in Finland. Ivane is the author and photographer of 8 published books.

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